About aviat

Aviat is a wholly owned subsidiary of Orion International, LLC. It is the publishing arm of our organization. As organization consultants, Orion uses Aviat's products in its various consulting venues and has evolved its portfolio of products from real world experience and application. We know they work.

For the past 18 years, Aviat, Inc. has been a publisher and distributor of Organizational Learning and Effectiveness materials. We pride ourselves in providing valid and reliable solutions that human resource and organizational development specialists can trust to address various organizational learning opportunities.

Aviat backs all of its products with a money back guarantee and a promise of excellent customer service. Call or email us anytime about any of our materials. If we don't offer what you need, we'll do our best to help you find it.

We welcome any feedback or suggestions for product improvement or new product development opportunities.

Joe Fisher President/Founder

The Team

The team of Orion International, LLC consultants have worked with leading corporations throughout North America, Europe and Asia representing industries such as pharmaceuticals, utilities, automotive manufacturing, aviation, energy, and a variety of educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

In many cases, they are referred to clients through trainers and human resource professionals who use Orion's expertise to complement their own capabilities.

Orion consultants are fully trained to facilitate all of the Aviat materials, as well as offer the following services:

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