Assessing team interactions

group process questionnaire

Richard L. Hill
D. Joseph Fisher, PhD.
Thomas G. Webber
Kathleen A. Fisher
William Neal

Analyze group effectiveness in problem-solving and decision-making situations.

Great with Simulations!

The Group Process Questionnaire (GPQ) can be used to explain the outcome of team-building simulations and evaluate group performance in the work environment. It presents a model for effective team performance and identifies behaviors that prevent a group from achieving its goals.

This self-scoring instrument allows participants to rate how well they felt the team functioned during the activity. Then through dynamic group discussion, participants reach consensus on the overall strengths and weaknesses of the team. These results are transferred on to a graph to visually depict the group profile. This graphic profile acts as a needs-assessment report to highlight areas for development.

Participants complete the activity by selecting four of the most important items for improvement, acknowledging how these improvements will positively impact the group, and identifying ways to monitor progress.

Completion Time: One Hour

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